About Pronto Pizza

We want to preface by saying pizza is not “junk food”, nor is it “fast food”. Especially not here at Pronto. We hand make our pizzas from scratch with fresh ingredients. Everything is prepared once the customer places their order. We put our heart and soul in every pizza we make.

At Pronto Pizza, we are health conscious. Which is why we make our crust with whole-wheat flour, source as many ingredients as we can locally, use low-fat cheese, and never use shortening in our dough. Additionally, we use a trade-secret recipe of 10 unique spices and herbs in our signature Pronto Pizza sauce.

Since 1994, we’ve always supplied the very best pizzas to CBS & Paradise, with the highest quality ingredients, and the friendliest customer service. This all amounts to a difference that you can taste.

Jerry & George

George and Jerry are two lifelong friends who came to Canada in 1990 with not much more than the clothes on their backs and a bag of dreams. They worked odd jobs to save money and start their own business. Pronto Pizza had a humble beginning in a 400 square feet space, barely enough to fit a pizza oven and a prep table. There was no money to purchase a dough mixer, so the pizza dough was initially made in Paradise Bakery and transported to the store every day. This is just a story of dreams coming true…

A Landmark

Newfoundlanders are some of the most caring and friendly people in the World. A couple of Bulgarians new in town set up shop and received a warm welcome in the community of Conception Bay South from day one. Business just took off, in fact, the two friends weren’t quite prepared for it… there was no money to hire help, so they worked around the clock to meet the demand. Ever since Pronto Pizza has been a part of the community and forever associated with good food and time well spent with family and friends.

Staying Connected

After years of service, we’ve learned something very important, possibly the fabric of success. Aside from hard work and commitment, successful business is built on relationships. More than anything else we value the connection with our customers. How can one provide anything else but excellent product and service to family? And this is the key, when customers become family, everything changes.


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